What is Fretta?

What can we do to improve our living environment? We contribute by putting our familiar and simple ideas to our daily lives. There are people like to relax in nature and play there. And there are those who appreciate the nature and want to keep it beautiful. We hope our ideas can support them.


  • Our projects: Planning, development and operation of surfboards and related products.
  • Establishment: 26/Jan/2020
  • Add: 6-27-10, Arajuku, Kawagoe-Shi, Saitama-Ken, 350-1124, Japan
  • Phone: +81 90 1732 6501
  • E-mail: support@fretta.info
Director: Naohiko Shindoh
Diploma of Fashion in Australia on 2004. After traveling several countries in Europe, returned to Japan. The design is multifaceted.