We offer surfboards which were reduced plastic materials as much as possible.
There are wastes on the beach and plastic that cannot be returned to the soil is a concern.
  • taking it to the bin
  • attending cleaning activities
  • and thinking about the materials of products
We tried to reduce the use of plastic materials when making surfboards. We wanted to reduce the amount of micro plastic generated during the manufacturing process and when finally disposing of it. 
Our main materials as below.
  • Japanese paper
  • cardboard
  • Styrofoam
  • glass cloth
  • epoxy resin
Our Products: Shiro model
  • size: 172×49×5.5 cm
  • weight: about 2.2 kg (with fins)
  • Tri-fins 
  • The price: Estimate on Request
Some features as below
  • The odd shape and sharp rail
  • The short length but the rich floating power
  • The unusual ride
As an option,
You can create your own colours. We accept your artistic demand.