As the main body has a hollow structure using paper material, please be careful enough for handling and storage.


  • Do not touch the main body to sharp or hard objects. If it receives a strong impact, the surface will be damaged, causing water to enter the main body.
  • If there are cracks or holes on the main unit, please discontinue to use.
  • When heavy load is applied by the wave on the main body, it may be damaged.


  • Please do not use for purposes other than original purpose of surfing.
  • When using, storing and carrying, please make sure that the head and hands do not touch the main body and the fin strongly.
  • When water enters the main body, the buoyancy decreases and the paper material is damaged.
  • The vent plug can not be opened except when necessary, please keep it closed tightly.
  • Do not apply wax to the vent and its surroundings.
  • After use, please rinse the body and vent plug with fresh water to remove sand and salt.
  • Main body is hollow structure using epoxy resin, so it is inappropriate for high temperature environment, please keep in the shade after using to avoid direct sunlight. Also please put it in a bag that reflects high heat if possible.
  • Do not keep it in a hot car with closed windows. It may be deformed.
  • Please be sure kids enjoy it with the guardian’s instructions.